Ultra Crystal Bond
Ultra Crystal Bond
Ultra Crystal Bond
Ultra Crystal Bond

Ultra Crystal Bond

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This adhesive has incredible retention. It works best with humidity of 25-45% and temperatures 60-73F. For humid climates, you may require a professional dehumidifier.

  • Drying time: 0.1-1 sec
  • Retention: 7-8 weeks
  • Viscosity: very thin
  • Colour: seamless black
  • Fumes: minimal
  • Structure: flexible


  • Remove cap
  • Cover nozzle with tin foil or the included pin
  • Shake for two minutes at the beginning of your workday and for 15 seconds before each drop
  • To dispense, turn the bottle upside down, not at an angle, and let gravity do its work
  • After getting your perfect drop, “burp” the adhesive by turning the bottle right side up and gently squeezing the trapped air bubbles out of the nozzle
  • Use a cotton-free sponge to wipe the nozzle clean of any excess adhesive and screw lid on tight
  • Store your adhesive upright in an airtight container, and keep the container in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight
  • Replace eyelash glue every 4-5 weeks