Coloured Lashes
Coloured Lashes

Coloured Lashes

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ThousandLashes’ coloured lash tray allows a lash artist to create dimensions lash styles by lashing a full-coloured set. Adding to classic black sets to create a dynamic flare!

Black lashes may be the most common option, but nothing says “show-stopper” and “dramatic” like coloured lashes. These creative palettes are the perfect way to make your client’s eyes POP! Try an all-out colour splash or combine coloured lashes with black for subtle accents. Either way, you are sure to create an original look that brings noticeable dimension, depth, and texture.

Whether your client prefers the natural tones of brown lashes, the earthy vibes of green or blue lashes, daring rainbow lashes, or even a dashing look with red or purple lashes, you simply cannot go wrong with coloured extensions! Although they may not be for the faint of heart, these coloured beauties add flair to any colour-loving client!

Size: 0.07 D Mix 8-15mm ( Mixed tray )

These lashes are ideal for adding a pop of colour for a full set, or just the top lash layer of your client’s lashes