Thousandlashes' L Shape Tweezer

Thousandlashes' L Shape Tweezer

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L Shape: L shape lash extension tweezers are excellent tool for handmade volume fans and picking up and attaching them. This is a great tweezer for beginners as well as seasoned lash artists.

L tweezer will work well if you are working on Mega Volume techniques but are used to working with boot-shaped tweezers.  Recommended for more control and very precise tip. This is a great tweezer for working with mega volume lashes. The working zone for these tweezers is  2mm – 3mm. You can easily use these tweezers for the shimmying technique, as well as for working by spreading the lash fans on the strip.

  • Base shape trains new volume artists to keep tweezer horizontal to lash strip
  • Ideal for classic and up to 3D volumes
  • The skinny tip allows the lash artist to see the spread of fans while gripping
  • Counter-balanced wing tips to prevent hand fatigue
  • Length 115 mm


  1. Perfect for the beginner as well as advanced lash artists and eyelash extensions professionals, these tweezers allow very precise application of eyelash extensions.
  2. Perfect Ergonomic Design: A comfortable design to make sure you can hold the tweezer firmly and maintain accuracy during use. Our lash extension tweezers are lightweight and offer an exceptionally fine point for precise accuracy.
  3. Quality Assurance: Each of our products undergoes a rigorous lash artist inspection.
  4. These eyelash extension tweezers are great for working with volume lashes as well as fanning on the lash strip.